How is Safe Auto still in business? Let’s talk insurance worth buying.

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As more and more vehicles hit the road, and insurance companies fight for your business, we take a look at what you can expect to pay.

Today we’re going to be looking at a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (vin: 3FA6P0SU4ER140667), which means it is a hybrid (44 city/41highway), and comes loaded with features- but sells for over about 42,000.

When we check the Safe Auto site. We’re using a good driver’s record, with no accidents in the last three years, no tickets, no SR-22, a valid license since 16, and no lapse in insurance ever.This person is also single, and the only driver on the plan.

For 25,000/50,000/25,000 Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability, 10,000 Accidental Death, Safe Auto wants $687.00 for a six month term. Normally, when one pays 6 months at a time, there is a discount- while with Safe Auto, they charge $617.00 for six months if you pay each month individually rather than up front.

Now we are going to try Allstate. They ask a little more, such as when you purchased, and the term if making payments. We are still going with Financed, but since they asked, we are stating 72 months. They would also like to know how many miles we travel one way and how many times per week- we are putting down 20 miles one way 5 times per week, falling near the average commute for a US resident. We are labeling it as a New car, purchased today. We are skipping the extra discounts that may not qualify for everyone, but while some companies make it mandatory, Allstate offers you a discount if you use direct withdrawal, and getting electronic statements.

So what is our quote for the same coverage? Our 6 month total comes to only $553, including all of our fees (Safe Auto excludes those fees- they are added on to your bill later). If you opted to pay monthly, it would only be $41 more over the length of six months.

And finally, we come to Esurance– the entire Aerostang team uses Esurance (for several years). We put in the same information for the account, and our grand total- $435.00 for the six month term.

On the AeroStang, when we ran Safe Auto we found the price over $1,000 for 25,000/50,000! Clearly, we kept our policy with Esurance for $346.50 for six months giving us 100,000/300,00/50,000, our $500 deductible for Comprehensive/Collision, and the Customized Parts and Equipment Coverage.

We implore you to check out all of your options, but do not decide on one until you check Esurance. You’ll probably just stop there.

Republic Wireless Moto X gets KitKat (4.4)

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As most Moto X owners have been enjoying the newest Android operating system update, KitKat, Republic Wireless (www.republicwireless.com) members have been without.

Sprint cleared the update a while ago, and it has already cleared RW. Some users will be getting it as soon as today. If you use RW, go to Settings, then System, then System Update, then Update Motorola Software.

What do you think of the newest version of the OS? Are you as ecstatic as I am, that RW is catching up to the big time players? Let us know on the comments below!

Republic Wireless Refreshes the Referral Program and MOTO G!

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Just a few days before the Moto G was released, Republic Wireless announced the new referral program. If you’re not a member already to earn the $20 credit on your plan, you can get your credit here: RW Free $20.

That’s right, new members get a bonus (call it a coupon, but it’s better than any promo codes or other discounts) 20 dollars! And each new member you sign up gets the two of you $20, if you use the $10 plan, that’s two months of free service.

The bigger news, is that RW is now completing orders for the Moto G, and all of the accessories. Purchasing two gets you 15% off the two, and three gets you 25% off. Picking up a Moto G for $149, and the $20 off, puts you at $129, and one of the three exclusive plans.

Remember, choose from:

$5- Unlimited WiFi service
$10- Unlimited Calling, SMS, and MMS
$25- Unlimited Calling, SMS, and MMS, and Data

Fox Trucking of Sandusky Crashes Dump Truck on RTE 601

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In the late morning/early afternoon today, truck K7223 of Frank Fox Trucking based in Sandusky crashed on State Route 601 at the intersection of Route 20.

The truck was heading southbound, when it started to drift right on the road. It trails off, and moving further over, it came to a gentle slide onto it’s side.

Officials have not declared if the individual was intoxicated, fell asleep at the wheel, or if another circumstance caused the incident. As of the evening, the vehicle is back up, and being prepared to be moved from the roadway- causing a closure of over an hour.

Mumps Outbreak at the Ohio State University

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Be aware that a mumps outbreak is ongoing at the Ohio State University and in the surrounding communities. While no confirmed cases of mumps have occurred at Kent State or Youngstown State to date, it is likely that the mumps virus is circulating in our area.

What is mumps?
Mumps is a viral illness characterized by fever, body aches, headaches, fatigue and swollen glands, especially the salivary glands in front of the ear (parotids). Mumps is contagious and is most commonly spread by coughing and sneezing.

Ohio law requires patients with mumps to be isolated for five days after the onset of symptoms.

How can mumps be prevented?
If you have not been immunized against mumps (MMR vaccine), call your doctor to schedule an immunization appointment. As always, wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes, and don’t share drinks or utensils.

What should I do if I become ill with symptoms of mumps?
If you develop symptoms of mumps, call your doctor for an appointment to confirm the diagnosis. Stay home from class, work and social events for five days after symptoms begin.

Republic Wireless: Moto G, Reactivations, and Moto X Kitkat!

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Republic Wireless has finally announced it!

The Moto G will be released in April. It has been

The price for 8gb is only $149 ($30 less than off contract) and $179 for the 16gb ($20 less than no contract). It is also coming with Android 4.4, KitKat, and full equipment available- all the Motorola cases normally available.

Remember, this allows you to use the $5 plan for a home phone, using it only on wifi (or a sweet MP3 player), $10 plan giving you unlimited calling, SMS, and then the rest needs data- wifi. Finally, for merely $25, there is unlimited everything. Of course this caps data at 5gb, but seeing the competition’s prices, that is ridiculous.

5 GB data:
Verizon Wireless-$110.00

The KitKat has entered Sprint’s lab, and is on it’s way to RW’s X.

Reactivations have been confirmed, and before the end of April, one will be able to activate an RW phone without buying it outright and brand new from RW!

2015 Mustang- Is that a new V8?

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We know the new 2.3 litre T4 will be released late in the 2015 model year, but a Ford insider has released information on our new (ish) v8.

Let’s cut straight to the point. The 2015 5.0 Coyote will exceed 440 horsepower, stock. Much of the technology in the 2012 Boss is now standard in the Mustang v8, including the optimized engine respiration, the new cylinder heads, more aggressive camshafts, and lighter valvetrain components. Ti-VCT (twin independent variable camshaft timing) keeps low speed torque in tact, and makes it easy to cruise the city at 1,000 RPMs or less.

Don’t expect an increase in fuel economy, as the 2012 Boss was the same at the GT, and it has not been confirmed if the redline will be jumping up- but keep in mind that is where the Boss peaked.


Deciding your engine monitoring: Scangauge II (SCii) vs UltraGauge (UG)

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So you have a car, and you want to see what is going on under that hood. There are hundreds of options for OBDii readers out there, but you don’t want to spend $400, and you don’t want to spend $50 on something that is junk, and will be in pieces before the end of the month. The top two products are the Scangauge II, and the UltraGuage, and we will give you the full breakdown.

What are the stats of the SGii?
-More than 15 built in gauges available to be monitored (includes Loop Status, Intake Temperature, Instant MPG, Average MPG for trip, Trip Cost, Cost/Mile, Horsepower,  RPM, Coolant Temperature, Gallons/Hour, Engine Load, Battery Voltage, Ignition Timing, Throttle Position, Manifold Pressure, and Vehicle Speed.
-Clears check engine light, and reads codes.
-Holds 5 sets of trip data.
-Excellent build quality.
-Multiple preset color backgrounds, and the ability to create your own.
-Extremely simple to use for testing, and using on the go.

What are the stats of the UG?
-There are a lot of gauges. As in, over 76! They are posted below, to make this portion manageable.
-It is about half the price of the SCii.
-Excellent build quality.
-Slim profile.
-More customization on main screen.
-Multiple screen layouts
-Multiple screens to flip through, each set up it’s own way.

Let’s be real- which one is right for YOU?

The right device for you, is up to you, but there are two main factors that should decide your purchase.

Most importantly, are you using this solely for monitoring, or do you plan on adjusting, testing modifications/variables, and interacting with it? The UG is best for being placed in shade and SOLELY monitoring. If you have any plans at all towards the latter, it is highly advised to invest in the SGii.

The second is cost. The SGii costs $150, and if one is just getting started, it may be easier to start with an UG, and then expand to the SGii when you start developing your car and technique more. For our fleet, the AeroStang primarily uses the SGii for important monitoring and testing with an UG setup to monitor a few extra gauges that don’t change. The Insight does not need much monitoring, so we keep one SCii running- no need for the other information, and the SGii is mandatory for our vehicles.

The cheapest you will find an Ultra Gauge is from their site, at http://ultra-gauge.com/. The price is $75-$80, depending on the shipping costs to your location.

The cheapest SCii you will find NEW, is here (http://ecomodder.com/forum/scangauge-fuel-economy-gauge.php), with a members price of $149.99, and signing up is free and only takes a moment. If you’d like to save some money and pick up a used version, check out Amazon’s offers here: ScanGauge II Ultra Compact 3-in-1 Automotive Computer with Customizable Real-Time Fuel Economy Digital Gauges.


UG Gauges:

% Engine Load
Engine Coolant Temperature (ºF)
Engine Coolant Temperature (ºC)
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2
Fuel Pressure (PSI)
Fuel Pressure (kPa)
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)(PSI)
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)(kPa)
Timing Advance
Intake Air Temperature (ºF)
Intake Air Temperature (ºC)
Mass Air Flow Sensor 1 (g/s)
Absolute Throttle Position 1 %
Bank 1 0xygen Sensor 1 Voltage
Bank 1 0xygen Sensor 2 Voltage
Bank 2 0xygen Sensor 1 Voltage
Bank 2 0xygen Sensor 2 Voltage
Run time since last start (hours:mins)
Miles traveled with Check Engine Light On.
Kilometers traveled with Check Engine Light On.
Fuel Pressure (Diesel & Direct Injection) (PSI)
Fuel Pressure (Diesel & Direct Injection) (10kPa)
Bank 1 Wide 0xygen Sensor 1 Lambda
Bank 2 Wide 0xygen Sensor 1 Lambda
EGR Flow %
EGR Flow % Error
Evaporative Purge %
Fuel Level % of full
Number of Warm-ups since Check Engine Light Cleared
Miles traveled since Check Engine Light Cleared
Kilometers traveled since Check Engine Light Cleared
Evaporative System (PSI)
Evaporative System (Pa)
Barometric Pressure – Inches of Mercury (inHg)
Barometric Pressure – Inches of Mercury (kPa)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºC)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºC)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºC)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºC)
Battery Voltage (Measured by ECM)
UltraGauge Battery Voltage (Measured by UG)
Load absolute %
AFR Commanded Ratio
Relative Throttle Position %
Outside Ambient Air Temperature (ºF)
Outside Ambient Air Temperature (ºC)
Absolute Throttle Position 2 %
Accelerator Pedal Position 1 %
Accelerator Pedal Position 2 %
Command Throttle Position %
Boost Pressure,  (Relative Pressure) (PSI)
Boost Pressure,  (Relative Pressure) (kPa)
Brake Horsepower 1
Brake Kilowatts 1
Torque 1 (ft lbs)
Torque 1 (N.m)
Brake Horsepower 2
Brake Kilowatts 2
Torque 2 (ft lbs)
Torque 2 (N.m)
Mass Air Flow Sensor 2 (g/s)– Calculated
Instantaneous MPG
Instantaneous KPL
Instantaneous L/100Km
Average MPG – General
Average KPL – General
Average L/100Km – General
Average MPH – General
Average KPH – General
Run Time – General
Miles – General (miles)
Kilometers – General (miles)
Fuel Used – General (gallons)
Fuel Used – General (liters)
Average Gallons/Hour – General
Average Liters/Hour – General
Fuel Level (gallons)
Fuel Level (liters)
Instantaneous Gallons/hour
Instantaneous Liters/hour
Distance to Empty (miles)
Distance to Empty (kilometers)
Time to Empty
Volumetric Efficiency (MAP vehicles only)
General Trip Gauges
Average MPG
Fuel Used
Average Gallons/hour
Average MPH
Distance (miles)
Run Time
Average KPH
Average KPL
Average L/100Km
Liters Used
Average Liters/Hour
Distance (kilometers)
Short Trip Gauges**
Average MPG
Fuel Used
Average Gallons/hour
Average MPH
Distance (miles)
Run Time
Average KPH
Average KPL
Average L/100Km
Liters Used
Average Liters/Hour
Distance (kilometers)

Republic Wireless is about to end their new customer rewards- there’s one week left!

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Everyone knows Republic Wireless loves it’s customers, and knows they are how the word gets spread. There are no TV commercials, no magazine ads, only word of mouth. But on February 28th, the referral program ends, and new customers will NOT receive their $19 credit anymore.

Referrals until 2014/02/28, at 11:59 PM EST are still valid, but everything after will not count. RW does claim they are working on a plan, but let’s keep in mind their history with these kind of claims.
As in the Spring of 2013, when three phones would be released before the end of summer- and in late November, we received the first one. Keep in mind, this may be the last time to sign up for RW and get your $19 credit. Here is your link to save your first month and then some! 

House of Cards Season 2 is out.

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Season 2 is now available on Netflix, but there’s a lot more at stake than last year. He knows he’s waiting for the VP position, and his plans to replace himself are smoother than last year. No spoilers here, but last year we saw the deception and blackmail- this year Underwood pulls ’em in his office, and just shows them their file.

Your first thought, lazy, lame, couldn’t be more wrong. This year, there’s no time for that. Stop reading and get started on Season 2, on Netflix.