The newest Lambo: Huracan LP 610-4

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Have you seen the newest Lamborghini? The Huracan LP 610-4 isn’t the fastest or the most powerful, but since Lamborghini was pumping out about 2,000 Gallardos a year since 2003, they needed something new. Lamborghini even spoke in a press release “In the year of Automobili Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, the Gallardo success story has now come to an end with car number 14,022. Almost half of all 30,000 Lamborghinis built since the company was first founded in 1963, are Gallardos.”

So the replacement is here, and it’s not just an Audi R8 redbadged. The replacement is pushing 610 HP on all four wheels at 8,250 RPM, with peak torque of 412 lb/ft at 6,500 RPM. Top speed is 202 MPH, 0-60 under 3.2 seconds, and 0-120 is under 9.9. With a dry weight of 3,135 lbs, the Huracan has just over 5 lbs (5.139) to move per horsepower. The outgoing Gallardo LP 550-2 was at 550 HP @ 8,000 RPM, 397 ft/lb @ 6,500 RPM, while weighing in at 3,042 lbs.


This means the old Gallardo was not too far behind, 5.53 pounds per horsepower, and only had two wheels to put that power to. Although the Gallardo was limited to only 199 MPH, the 0-60 was managed in a dreadfully slow 3.9 seconds.


How the Huracan Holds Up Gallardo LP550-2 Huracan LP 610-4
Front Rims 19″ 20″
Rear Rims 19″ 20″
Displacement (Cu.In.) 317.6 317.6
Max Power (HP) 550 610
Max Torque (LB/FT) 397 412
LBs/HP 5.53090909090909 5.13934426229508
Weight (Lbs)
Top Speed (MPH) 199 202
0-62 (Seconds) 3.9 3.2
0-124 (Seconds) 9.9
Dry Weight (Lbs) 3042 3135
Drivetrain MR MAWD
Standard? Available Unavailable
Semi Automatic? Standard Standard


With the Huracan starting at $195,000, and the exiting Gallardo’s available for $165,000, it is a hard call. Would you take the Gallardo and some upgrades, or get the new fit and finish of the Huracan but be beat at the track by a Gallardo with some work?

 Images and data is sourced from http://www.lamborghini.com/.