Future Mods

The future of AeroStang

A lightweight driveshaft- aluminum is in process, but with sponsor support or donation, a carbon fiber driveshaft will be fitted.

Larger diameter rear tires- Since the drag coefficient is so low, engine RPMs can be lowered and still maintain performance. Rubber with a bigger diameter will offset the cruising RPM for speed further than the 2% increase at this point.

Lightweight rims- If we can lose weight from each wheel, it will not only be less weight being moved by the car, but less rotational force will be needed to start the vehicle and maintain its speed.

Rear wheel skirts- Stopping air from becoming turbulent at the rear wheels will help the car keep a smooth flow through the air.

Of course supporting our sponsors helps, but have you thought about sponsoring the our team? Not only is their the joy of sponsoring us, but the visibility given to you by decal on vehicle, and on the website. You can get involved at any level.

Do you have a fuel economy improvement you want tested? When we test a new development, we are thorough, and will find out if it really works or not. If it doesn’t work, you may not want us to test it. We do ABABA testing, in multiple tests, to help rule out possible variables. For more information, feel free to contact us on testing and opportunities to get involved.

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