Have you seen the AeroInsight?

In this Ohio weather, the Mustang deserves to be resting in the garage- so a second car had to be purchased. If one wants top mileage, what else is there but the original Honda Insight?

2014 01 23 Insight Profile

This is the original Insight, from 2000, EPA rated 49 city, 53 average, 61 highway. This is before the rear wiper delete, partial sound system delete, full size to mini spare tire swap, upper grille block, lower grille block, low rolling resistance tires, manual brake regeneration system, IMA manual control system and of course, the boat tail.

Our record so far is just over 81 MPG, but that is before a lot of the work into it.

Current development is rebuilding the underbody, and expanding the system, a manual engine kill switch, front wheel skirts, and a wind deflector to change the angle of the front window. Have you seen us on the road? For a build approaching 100 mpg, and costing less than $100, what do you think?

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