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Fear The Walking Dead coming to Hulu…in 2016?

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There has been a lot of speculation, and suggestions when FTWD will hit Hulu- but the new trailer on Hulu says it all. According to the trailer, it will arrive in 2016.

Sorry Walking Dead fans- I don’t support it, but those illegal downloads hitting Australia may be the only alternative. Stay safe!

Rejoice Android lovers! Energy efficiency is coming back!

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Google has recently had its conference on the next year of Android OS. There have been a lot of new features coming to life, from Android running your car, to integration into every application on your device. But the biggest point to the true Android lovers is the return of an energy efficient layout.

The Android M, 6.0, the code for the newest version could be any one of several sweets. It could be as far as Muffin, but more likely Marshmallow, Meringue, Milkshake, Mousse. Molasses has been thought as a possibility- but Google is unlikely to call their fastest and cleanest OS as the slowest, and stickiest of sweets- it might as well be called Messy, if molasses is the name! With all the possibilities stemming from Marshmallow, and past traditions, it seems this will be our 6.x.

If you’ve made the unfortunate mistake of upgrading to Lollipop, or were trapped in it with a new device release- you know the pain that is Material Design. As bad as the new layout is, with a childish and immature setup and colors, we may have a resolution coming! We will have a Dark Theme option with our new version of the Android OS. This will reduce power consumption for them, and if they truly want to make a major difference- they will take advantage of the LED screens we mostly have, by actually turning off the pixels of what should be black.

This may seem crazy, but take a look at this already in use on the Moto X as a lock screen.


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What you see here is ONLY the pixels being lit that have content. This Dark Theme could be taken to what some may call an “extreme,” but we currently have no fight to Samsung’s Ultra Battery Saver Mode. It may not be for everyone, but when you need to, or just want to save your battery, why not only use the pixels you need? Of course the energy saved from a dark theme is a small percent over a light and bright theme, but if Google will allow us to use an efficient design scheme, and only the pixels we need- we could increase battery life by as much as 40% without disabling any features.

This may seem absurd, but think of this. You go to an amusement park. You are in the heat, with no power source. It is bright, and you need power all day to keep in touch with your friends and family, check the weather, attractions, and see what is happening in the world outside the park. Will your battery the way it is, on AUTO brightness or just enough to see, last all day?

Google is heading in the right direction, but as we move to slimmer designs, fight for efficiency, we have accidentally set up for a perfect layout. We have optimized out screens with LED, maxed out our modern capability with batteries, and are significantly developing our OS. The next step is to take these aspects, and put them together.

I don’t even need a cut of the profit when this rolls out guys.

Is the Motorola Turbo Charger really safe for your X (2014)?

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Motorola has been touting that their new Turbo Charger plug doesn’t influence battery life while still offering 8 hours of power in 15 minutes- and who has two Moto X 2014s to even check? Well, we do.

Fortunately, I have a (2014) Moto X for my personal phone, and an (2014) X for my work phone. Both CDMA, and of course I won’t be upgrading to the atrocious new Android OS. Both are happily running 4.4.4. Each month, I will be testing their battery life in an exact same test to see which one works best.

Some people may challenge a work phone vs personal. But now, I use them both just about equal. At work, I use my WX2 (work Moto X 2) more for calling and SMS. After work, my PX2. Both get equal Clash of Clans time (join my undefeated clan, “Alpha-Protocol”! We are the red and blue shield, since some other clan took our name). Both are used the same for internet, and at home, tablets or notebooks are used. I must say, this is an excellent opportunity to give you the real scoop on which charging method is better, because it is way faster now, but in a year, is it worth a 5 hour battery life?

So you are in the loop with the progress so far, the Xs have been in service since December 30th, when the WX2 was purchased on Verizon. The PX2 started on both chargers since 12/17, in my favorite service, Republic Wireless. Since 12/30 (2014), they have been used with either setup for charging. On 2015/01/25, I decided to see if the cable makes a difference. Stay tuned!

Building the Basic Clash of Clans Base

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The basics!
-Town Hall in the center.
-Defense surrounding the Town Hall.
-Buffers to distract the enemy while you destroy troops.
-Your village being tight, and close together.

Examples of good village setup:

-TH In center
By keeping it in the center, it offers the maximum buffer from the enemy. Make sure no side is weaker than the others.

-Keep your defense close to the TH.
If your enemy destroys one side, having your defense close to the TH lets you continue to defend from the opposite side- so if the entire left side is destroyed, the right side can still defend your TH.

-Utilize your extra stuff in Clan Wars.
In Clan Wars, the goal is to not lose stars. Your only defense is literally your defense. To protect your cannons, mortars, archers, and other gear, let the enemy get distracted by your gold, elixir, barracks, and everything else that can be destroyed without consequence.

-Keep it tight!
Especially at lower THs, defenses are limited. The best way to keep them defending as much as possible, and maximize your strength is to overlap their damage zone, and put as much inside it as possible.

Moto Hint- make it last ALL day!

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So you may have decided against the Moto Hint after reading our article- if you don’t have the Moto X (2, gen 2, or 2014) then I agree.

But let’s say you bought it. Let’s go over how to stretch that mini battery a LOT longer.

In my time with Motorola, I got access to the Settings menu. It’s pretty easy to get to.

1) With the device in ear, hold down the Talk/Call area for eight seconds.

2) Follow the voice prompts to turn On or Off…

Ear detect
-Important. This is the IR sensor that knows if the device is in an ear, or on a table. Turning this off means the device is always on. Keep this on.
Moto Voice
-This is “Always On.” If you DON’T have an X2, turn this OFF. It drains the battery much faster, and in our experience with the original Motorola Moto X it boosted our on time. With 1 hour and 34 minutes being talk time, we spent 7 hours with factory setup and over 10 (1 hour and 32 minutes talking) with this disabled.
Voice Prompts
-This turns the microphone off at times. If the Voice is disabled, then this won’t matter much for you.
Caller ID
-When you receive a call, it reads the their name. Worth it.
Wide Band Audio
-Not worth it. Because of the longer than expected battery, we did not test the battery life duration between the two. The quality does not drop enough…if you are using this in a factory or at a concert, it won’t make enough of a difference
Voice Answer
-This listens to your voice to answer, not just the touch. Little influence on battery, and worth it. Stay hands free while driving!
Pass through Audio
-Again, not worth it. Even though this fits tight in the ear, one can still hear well through it. If your hearing is not too sensitive, try both ways and see if it helps.
Restore Factory Settings
-Exactly that. Like taking it fresh from the box!

Since Motorola wouldn’t provide an X2 for us to test this with, we had to settle our two test units with our X1. When Republic Wireless releases the new Moto X, we will be picking one up. Until then, these two are going back to Motorola.

Motorola. Don’t lie to your customers. The Moto Hint works with A Moto X, not all Moto Xs….

Zamplebox – is it worth it?

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Everyone is familiar with cigar of the month, wine of the month, and the less popular cheese and fruit of the month: but are any of these clubs worth joining? Well now vapers have their own clubs.

We’ve just joined Zamplebox, and are excited to see how it goes. Here are the highlights…

-A HUGE variety of flavors
-A MAJOR following (almost 20k members)
-Two price ranges to choose from
-Two quantities to choose from
-Four nicotine levels to choose from
-Three experience levels (are you a pro, or just getting started?)
-Saving $70-120 each month on a true variety of flavors and brands

If you’re a vaper, you probably started to avoid the dangers of tobacco use. But in most areas, there is little variety to the juices available. Maybe you can try a few flavors from a brand or two at a local shop, but Zamplebox allows you try up to 11 different brands and flavors each month, for up to 70% off- before the coupons each month.

We haven’t received ours yet, but since we ordered it early this morning, the box has been prepped, shipped, and is on its way. We’ll be following up as we experience these new brands, flavors, and the entire Zamplebox experience.

(Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find any coupons, but Zamplebox is in its “beta” phase- meaning adopters now will keep this price going forward, but it will be going up if one waits to join.)

New Moto X (X2) expected on Republic Wireless by Thanksgiving.

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Given the past trends, with the original Moto X coming out in early November on Republic Wireless, we can expect the X2 (new Moto X) to hit then.

Last year, the phone was out by this time- September 6th. By the 14th of November, it was out to RW users. Although not having a CDMA Moto E has halted RWs “good” phone, we still expect RW to have the new X shortly.

Robin Williams deceased- suicide?

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We are still sorting information from our sources, and will be updating as we learn more.

Republic Wireless Releasing the Moto E

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We all know Republic Wireless has the Moto E as their next phone, but there is a little more to it than that.

The Moto G, a weaker sideline phone (a bargain at 149.99) was scheduled for release on April 14th of this year. Since its been out with Republic, it has had great success, but not quite at the rate of the Moto X. Since it dropped in all of the major carriers January 9th, we see a four month lapse between the big guys and RW.

In the case of the Moto X, it was out to everyone by September 6th, and available on August 23rd. RW picked up the Moto X on November 14th- a three month lapse before it hits RW after the big guys.

As Google and Motorola have started to split, the connection with Motorola and Republic has also slowly been deteriorating. Not to say it’s over, rather the ambition of RW was celebrated by Google- and this spirit does not continue to resonate the same.

So when will Republic Wireless be releasing the Moto E? If they continue their plans, expect the Moto E to be released mid September, we anticipate September 15th. Stay tuned for more info.

A Letter to Olive Garden

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Dear Olive Garden;

     Thank you for continuing to use paper towels in your restrooms. Thank you for making men’s urinals extend to the floor, not using tall units that give splash backs. Thank you for using a divider between them, and giving them some space between them. Thank you for allowing police officers to keep their duty gear on them while visiting. Thank you for continuing to offer unlimited soup and salad. Thank you for (in our teams experience) having a great management staff, and weeding out poor performing servers. Thank you for putting trash cans at the exit of restrooms when the doors pull in.

We genuinely appreciate it.

Kind regards,
The AeroStang Team