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How is Safe Auto still in business? Let’s talk insurance worth buying.

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As more and more vehicles hit the road, and insurance companies fight for your business, we take a look at what you can expect to pay.

Today we’re going to be looking at a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (vin: 3FA6P0SU4ER140667), which means it is a hybrid (44 city/41highway), and comes loaded with features- but sells for over about 42,000.

When we check the Safe Auto site. We’re using a good driver’s record, with no accidents in the last three years, no tickets, no SR-22, a valid license since 16, and no lapse in insurance ever.This person is also single, and the only driver on the plan.

For 25,000/50,000/25,000 Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability, 10,000 Accidental Death, Safe Auto wants $687.00 for a six month term. Normally, when one pays 6 months at a time, there is a discount- while with Safe Auto, they charge $617.00 for six months if you pay each month individually rather than up front.

Now we are going to try Allstate. They ask a little more, such as when you purchased, and the term if making payments. We are still going with Financed, but since they asked, we are stating 72 months. They would also like to know how many miles we travel one way and how many times per week- we are putting down 20 miles one way 5 times per week, falling near the average commute for a US resident. We are labeling it as a New car, purchased today. We are skipping the extra discounts that may not qualify for everyone, but while some companies make it mandatory, Allstate offers you a discount if you use direct withdrawal, and getting electronic statements.

So what is our quote for the same coverage? Our 6 month total comes to only $553, including all of our fees (Safe Auto excludes those fees- they are added on to your bill later). If you opted to pay monthly, it would only be $41 more over the length of six months.

And finally, we come to Esurance– the entire Aerostang team uses Esurance (for several years). We put in the same information for the account, and our grand total- $435.00 for the six month term.

On the AeroStang, when we ran Safe Auto we found the price over $1,000 for 25,000/50,000! Clearly, we kept our policy with Esurance for $346.50 for six months giving us 100,000/300,00/50,000, our $500 deductible for Comprehensive/Collision, and the Customized Parts and Equipment Coverage.

We implore you to check out all of your options, but do not decide on one until you check Esurance. You’ll probably just stop there.

Republic Wireless Moto X gets KitKat (4.4)

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As most Moto X owners have been enjoying the newest Android operating system update, KitKat, Republic Wireless ( members have been without.

Sprint cleared the update a while ago, and it has already cleared RW. Some users will be getting it as soon as today. If you use RW, go to Settings, then System, then System Update, then Update Motorola Software.

What do you think of the newest version of the OS? Are you as ecstatic as I am, that RW is catching up to the big time players? Let us know on the comments below!

Republic Wireless Refreshes the Referral Program and MOTO G!

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Just a few days before the Moto G was released, Republic Wireless announced the new referral program. If you’re not a member already to earn the $20 credit on your plan, you can get your credit here: RW Free $20.

That’s right, new members get a bonus (call it a coupon, but it’s better than any promo codes or other discounts) 20 dollars! And each new member you sign up gets the two of you $20, if you use the $10 plan, that’s two months of free service.

The bigger news, is that RW is now completing orders for the Moto G, and all of the accessories. Purchasing two gets you 15% off the two, and three gets you 25% off. Picking up a Moto G for $149, and the $20 off, puts you at $129, and one of the three exclusive plans.

Remember, choose from:

$5- Unlimited WiFi service
$10- Unlimited Calling, SMS, and MMS
$25- Unlimited Calling, SMS, and MMS, and Data

Fox Trucking of Sandusky Crashes Dump Truck on RTE 601

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In the late morning/early afternoon today, truck K7223 of Frank Fox Trucking based in Sandusky crashed on State Route 601 at the intersection of Route 20.

The truck was heading southbound, when it started to drift right on the road. It trails off, and moving further over, it came to a gentle slide onto it’s side.

Officials have not declared if the individual was intoxicated, fell asleep at the wheel, or if another circumstance caused the incident. As of the evening, the vehicle is back up, and being prepared to be moved from the roadway- causing a closure of over an hour.

Mumps Outbreak at the Ohio State University

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Be aware that a mumps outbreak is ongoing at the Ohio State University and in the surrounding communities. While no confirmed cases of mumps have occurred at Kent State or Youngstown State to date, it is likely that the mumps virus is circulating in our area.

What is mumps?
Mumps is a viral illness characterized by fever, body aches, headaches, fatigue and swollen glands, especially the salivary glands in front of the ear (parotids). Mumps is contagious and is most commonly spread by coughing and sneezing.

Ohio law requires patients with mumps to be isolated for five days after the onset of symptoms.

How can mumps be prevented?
If you have not been immunized against mumps (MMR vaccine), call your doctor to schedule an immunization appointment. As always, wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes, and don’t share drinks or utensils.

What should I do if I become ill with symptoms of mumps?
If you develop symptoms of mumps, call your doctor for an appointment to confirm the diagnosis. Stay home from class, work and social events for five days after symptoms begin.

Republic Wireless: Moto G, Reactivations, and Moto X Kitkat!

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Republic Wireless has finally announced it!

The Moto G will be released in April. It has been

The price for 8gb is only $149 ($30 less than off contract) and $179 for the 16gb ($20 less than no contract). It is also coming with Android 4.4, KitKat, and full equipment available- all the Motorola cases normally available.

Remember, this allows you to use the $5 plan for a home phone, using it only on wifi (or a sweet MP3 player), $10 plan giving you unlimited calling, SMS, and then the rest needs data- wifi. Finally, for merely $25, there is unlimited everything. Of course this caps data at 5gb, but seeing the competition’s prices, that is ridiculous.

5 GB data:
Verizon Wireless-$110.00

The KitKat has entered Sprint’s lab, and is on it’s way to RW’s X.

Reactivations have been confirmed, and before the end of April, one will be able to activate an RW phone without buying it outright and brand new from RW!

b.p.i.’s 1.M.R. Vortex & Metabolic Nutrition’s ProtiZyme

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b.p.i. – 1.M.R. Vortex (Fruit Punch)

For training, two servings (6 grams) were used two hours preworkout, in a 16 oz water bottle. Although the formula doesn’t bulk or clump, it would not fully dissolve. We recently praised Metabolic Nutrition’s Tri Pep for how well it dissolves, and while this breaks up well, the bottle was lined with crystals as well as leaving a granular texture after drinking.

Taste is average, and it is clear an artificial sweetener is used. There is not a negative aftertaste.

Note, this does include any magnesium- so no pre workout explosions.

The performance-
Slightly above average. Although 1.M.R. has always been a preferred personal preworkout of mine, this new formula does not do anything special. It does make a noted difference above Purple K Reps, it increased my heart rate faster than Reps, started a burn faster, and helped increase endurance.

Since only one sample was available, testing is limited to this occurrence. I am looking forward to b.p.i. committing to a longer evaluation.

Metabolic Nutrition – ProtiZyme (Chocolate Cake)

One serving was taken post workout, during dinner prep. As excited as I was to try this flavor based on other Metabolic Nutrition samples and a conversation with their representatives, I have been disappointed. Two scoops may help the flavor, and this could be a bad sample, but I found it lacking any taste of “chocolate cake” at all. The descriptions that “the drink tastes like the picture” is unfounded- unless you literally try to consume the picture.

Flavor is flat, and with no dynamics. A rather dull chocolate compared to other brands.

Although flavor is no reason to purchase PZ, I do recommend it as a balanced post workout. The nutritional value is well rounded, and very balanced. I won’t list the ingredient list because of how diverse and broad it is, but it rivals what one would find in a traditional weight gainer. Sadly most companies do not put much more than protein in their post workouts, they save that for their weight gainers- which is not the story here.

Several more samples are available, and I look forward to further evaluating the brand and PZ. So far, it is recommended.

2015 Mustang- Is that a new V8?

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We know the new 2.3 litre T4 will be released late in the 2015 model year, but a Ford insider has released information on our new (ish) v8.

Let’s cut straight to the point. The 2015 5.0 Coyote will exceed 440 horsepower, stock. Much of the technology in the 2012 Boss is now standard in the Mustang v8, including the optimized engine respiration, the new cylinder heads, more aggressive camshafts, and lighter valvetrain components. Ti-VCT (twin independent variable camshaft timing) keeps low speed torque in tact, and makes it easy to cruise the city at 1,000 RPMs or less.

Don’t expect an increase in fuel economy, as the 2012 Boss was the same at the GT, and it has not been confirmed if the redline will be jumping up- but keep in mind that is where the Boss peaked.


Purple K’s Reps & Metabolic Nutrition’s Tri Pep

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So you didn’t get to the Arnold, and you didn’t get your samples- here’s the rundown on two great products we got to experience.

Purple K – Reps (Fruit Punch)

We utilized one serving for the pre workout, which is 11 grams. It mixes very smoothly, has a great smell, and stays dissolved- in a half an hour time frame, it does not reform as sediment in the bottom of the container.

Flavor has an excellent aftertaste, but the initial taste is only average- being very sweet. If one is an experienced supplement user, they’ll know the taste and sickening feeling from a poor quality supplement. That won’t be found here- it is very smooth.

The performance-

Average. There is nothing exemplary noticed from one dose or one serving. I could not accurately comment on an entire container, but there was not a noticeable boost in endurance, vascularity, or a gain in strength. The reason I do not suggest this product is because of the pre lift experience. If you are not experienced in supplements, Magnesium/Magnesium Citrate often causes bowel movements after consumption, within 15-20 minutes. This is common with many supplements, but if you can avoid it, I would advise so.

Since only one sample was available, testing is limited to this occurrence. I am looking forward to Purple K committing to a longer evaluation.

Metabolic Nutrition – Tri Pep (Watermelon)

A single serving was taken post workout, while prepping the post workout meal. The flavor is excellent, but the best point of Tri Pep is how well it dissolves. Many BCAAs take a long time to dissolve if they even will at all, while Tri Pep mixed in without any issue. To test dissolvability, our initial technique is to put it in a cup, and pour in water. Unlike others that need shaking, gentle or violent, Tri Pep was completely dissolved without residue left at the bottom by merely pouring water in.

Metabolic Nutrition is a newer name in sports nutrition, but their BCAA line is an excellent product and worth the cost if you want quality and taste. In the coming weeks, we will be testing their protein flavors, and several other products. We are excited and anticipating great results, and we look forward to letting you know how it goes.

Metabolic Nutrition provided three samples of this flavor, and it has been fantastic! Recommended.

Have you tried either? Let us know in the comments what your results were!

F150 is Crushing 2014- What’s in line for 2015?

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As Manufacturers’ Reports will tell you, the 2014 Ford F150 is towering over Chevy and Dodge in year to date sales. Sales are at 46,536, 28,926, and 25,071 vehicles sold, for the F series, Silverado series, and Ram series, respectively. It’s clear the customer’s choice of the F150 is solid, but how is Ford planning to keep this performance?
DSC_0278 copy 5

The 2015 F150 is packed full of new technology and gear to make it the best and most complete choice, the following list is a first to be used in a pickup truck.
-2.7L EcoBoost with start-stop technology
-Inflatable rear safety belts
-Smart trailer module to indicate trailer status
-Active park assist
-360 degree camera view
-8 inch productivity/work screen
-LED side view mirror spotlights
-LED headlamps.

Beyond this, the 2015 has stripped almost 700 pounds, while increasing it’s towing and handling capabilities. Military grade aluminum alloy being used in the body, and high strength steel for the frame is the main cause for this drastic weight cut.DSC_0280 copy 5

The stance and form of the new truck is following the past tradition of Ford products. The most extreme product gets the most extreme design, like the GT500s styling being worked into later Mustangs, and the Focus RSand ST from overseas emerging in our new models. This is seen in the grille, and body flair of the 2015, seen from past years heavy duty models.

DSC_0279 copy 5
Unlike Chrysler and Chevrolet, consistently removing visibility and making their designs more submarine like each year, Ford understand what customers need- visibility. When you finish looking around the spacious and ergonomic cabin, you’ll start to notice the amazing visibility. Ford has put driver experience more into the truck, and there is a clear expectation for the new F150 to not only be the best work choice, but the best recreational choice, and the best choice even if just going by appearance. LED lights all around, spot lights, headlights, tail lights, bed lighting, and even including a new puddle light on the tailgate.

DSC_0281 copy 5
Ford clearly is beyond trying to get sales, and get their customers (first time, and coming back) the very best product they can.