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Deciding your engine monitoring: Scangauge II (SCii) vs UltraGauge (UG)

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So you have a car, and you want to see what is going on under that hood. There are hundreds of options for OBDii readers out there, but you don’t want to spend $400, and you don’t want to spend $50 on something that is junk, and will be in pieces before the end of the month. The top two products are the Scangauge II, and the UltraGuage, and we will give you the full breakdown.

What are the stats of the SGii?
-More than 15 built in gauges available to be monitored (includes Loop Status, Intake Temperature, Instant MPG, Average MPG for trip, Trip Cost, Cost/Mile, Horsepower,  RPM, Coolant Temperature, Gallons/Hour, Engine Load, Battery Voltage, Ignition Timing, Throttle Position, Manifold Pressure, and Vehicle Speed.
-Clears check engine light, and reads codes.
-Holds 5 sets of trip data.
-Excellent build quality.
-Multiple preset color backgrounds, and the ability to create your own.
-Extremely simple to use for testing, and using on the go.

What are the stats of the UG?
-There are a lot of gauges. As in, over 76! They are posted below, to make this portion manageable.
-It is about half the price of the SCii.
-Excellent build quality.
-Slim profile.
-More customization on main screen.
-Multiple screen layouts
-Multiple screens to flip through, each set up it’s own way.

Let’s be real- which one is right for YOU?

The right device for you, is up to you, but there are two main factors that should decide your purchase.

Most importantly, are you using this solely for monitoring, or do you plan on adjusting, testing modifications/variables, and interacting with it? The UG is best for being placed in shade and SOLELY monitoring. If you have any plans at all towards the latter, it is highly advised to invest in the SGii.

The second is cost. The SGii costs $150, and if one is just getting started, it may be easier to start with an UG, and then expand to the SGii when you start developing your car and technique more. For our fleet, the AeroStang primarily uses the SGii for important monitoring and testing with an UG setup to monitor a few extra gauges that don’t change. The Insight does not need much monitoring, so we keep one SCii running- no need for the other information, and the SGii is mandatory for our vehicles.

The cheapest you will find an Ultra Gauge is from their site, at The price is $75-$80, depending on the shipping costs to your location.

The cheapest SCii you will find NEW, is here (, with a members price of $149.99, and signing up is free and only takes a moment. If you’d like to save some money and pick up a used version, check out Amazon’s offers here: ScanGauge II Ultra Compact 3-in-1 Automotive Computer with Customizable Real-Time Fuel Economy Digital Gauges.


UG Gauges:

% Engine Load
Engine Coolant Temperature (ºF)
Engine Coolant Temperature (ºC)
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2
Fuel Pressure (PSI)
Fuel Pressure (kPa)
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)(PSI)
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)(kPa)
Timing Advance
Intake Air Temperature (ºF)
Intake Air Temperature (ºC)
Mass Air Flow Sensor 1 (g/s)
Absolute Throttle Position 1 %
Bank 1 0xygen Sensor 1 Voltage
Bank 1 0xygen Sensor 2 Voltage
Bank 2 0xygen Sensor 1 Voltage
Bank 2 0xygen Sensor 2 Voltage
Run time since last start (hours:mins)
Miles traveled with Check Engine Light On.
Kilometers traveled with Check Engine Light On.
Fuel Pressure (Diesel & Direct Injection) (PSI)
Fuel Pressure (Diesel & Direct Injection) (10kPa)
Bank 1 Wide 0xygen Sensor 1 Lambda
Bank 2 Wide 0xygen Sensor 1 Lambda
EGR Flow %
EGR Flow % Error
Evaporative Purge %
Fuel Level % of full
Number of Warm-ups since Check Engine Light Cleared
Miles traveled since Check Engine Light Cleared
Kilometers traveled since Check Engine Light Cleared
Evaporative System (PSI)
Evaporative System (Pa)
Barometric Pressure – Inches of Mercury (inHg)
Barometric Pressure – Inches of Mercury (kPa)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºC)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 1 Temperature (ºC)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºC)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºF)
Catalytic Converter Bank 2 Sensor 2 Temperature (ºC)
Battery Voltage (Measured by ECM)
UltraGauge Battery Voltage (Measured by UG)
Load absolute %
AFR Commanded Ratio
Relative Throttle Position %
Outside Ambient Air Temperature (ºF)
Outside Ambient Air Temperature (ºC)
Absolute Throttle Position 2 %
Accelerator Pedal Position 1 %
Accelerator Pedal Position 2 %
Command Throttle Position %
Boost Pressure,  (Relative Pressure) (PSI)
Boost Pressure,  (Relative Pressure) (kPa)
Brake Horsepower 1
Brake Kilowatts 1
Torque 1 (ft lbs)
Torque 1 (N.m)
Brake Horsepower 2
Brake Kilowatts 2
Torque 2 (ft lbs)
Torque 2 (N.m)
Mass Air Flow Sensor 2 (g/s)– Calculated
Instantaneous MPG
Instantaneous KPL
Instantaneous L/100Km
Average MPG – General
Average KPL – General
Average L/100Km – General
Average MPH – General
Average KPH – General
Run Time – General
Miles – General (miles)
Kilometers – General (miles)
Fuel Used – General (gallons)
Fuel Used – General (liters)
Average Gallons/Hour – General
Average Liters/Hour – General
Fuel Level (gallons)
Fuel Level (liters)
Instantaneous Gallons/hour
Instantaneous Liters/hour
Distance to Empty (miles)
Distance to Empty (kilometers)
Time to Empty
Volumetric Efficiency (MAP vehicles only)
General Trip Gauges
Average MPG
Fuel Used
Average Gallons/hour
Average MPH
Distance (miles)
Run Time
Average KPH
Average KPL
Average L/100Km
Liters Used
Average Liters/Hour
Distance (kilometers)
Short Trip Gauges**
Average MPG
Fuel Used
Average Gallons/hour
Average MPH
Distance (miles)
Run Time
Average KPH
Average KPL
Average L/100Km
Liters Used
Average Liters/Hour
Distance (kilometers)

Republic Wireless is about to end their new customer rewards- there’s one week left!

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Everyone knows Republic Wireless loves it’s customers, and knows they are how the word gets spread. There are no TV commercials, no magazine ads, only word of mouth. But on February 28th, the referral program ends, and new customers will NOT receive their $19 credit anymore.

Referrals until 2014/02/28, at 11:59 PM EST are still valid, but everything after will not count. RW does claim they are working on a plan, but let’s keep in mind their history with these kind of claims.
As in the Spring of 2013, when three phones would be released before the end of summer- and in late November, we received the first one. Keep in mind, this may be the last time to sign up for RW and get your $19 credit. Here is your link to save your first month and then some! 

House of Cards Season 2 is out.

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Season 2 is now available on Netflix, but there’s a lot more at stake than last year. He knows he’s waiting for the VP position, and his plans to replace himself are smoother than last year. No spoilers here, but last year we saw the deception and blackmail- this year Underwood pulls ’em in his office, and just shows them their file.

Your first thought, lazy, lame, couldn’t be more wrong. This year, there’s no time for that. Stop reading and get started on Season 2, on Netflix.

Call of Duty Ghosts – Leveling up the FASTEST.

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The new map packs are out, or are coming to your console soon- do you want to be leveled up, or still lagging behind on XP?

COD:GHO has players leveling up by XP, to get Squad Points and to unlock perks. Doing it the old fashioned way good for some, but do you choose to level up slowly, or do you want to get to the top as fast as possible?

Let’s start out with the method. The very best way to level up your points is by Squads. By playing on Recruit (even if it is a joke to play), one will get the most kills, or have the easiest time completing the objective. The more kills, the more perks, the more points, the more experience. Keep in mind, playing on Recruit, or Veteran, offer the same XP output. A 100 kill, 0 death game of Team Deathmatch on Veteran offers nothing more than 100 kills, 100 deaths, on Recruit Team Deathmatch.

To be clear, I can not quantify the points to XP breakdown, because using these techniques, I max out my XP every game.

Your kill streaks. The simplest, cut and dry best method is simple. Support Kill Streak, with the Sat Com (4 Kills/Captures), the Ammo Crate (6 Kills/Captures), Ballistic Vests (8 Kills/Captures). Why?
-The kill streak doesn’t end if you miss that IED, and die at any kill rank- you keep your kills, it rolls over.
-You receive these as fast as possible. 4, 6, and 8 are the fastest one can get to.
-The Ammo Crate and Ballistic Vests get you the standard rate for using a ‘perk.’ One thing to note, is that these last two offer perks for your team. Not only do they get a chance to get a sweet weapon and increase their resistance to damage- but you get 50 points per item.
-One Full perk set, 8 kills, offers 800 points for the kills, 450 points for the perks, and up to 1200 points for the two boxes. Does 8 kills get you 2450 points with your current setup?
-Coming to 16 kills can get you 4900 points- pretty easy, pretty quick.

It doesn’t matter how easily the kills are, it matters that you get the most of your work. If you want to build your skill more, make sure you keep increasing your sensitivity while playing. Each “Cranked” match should have you cranking up the sensitivity the next match.

And when you get there, make sure you use Hardline to be even closer to those perks. The rest of your game is up to you, playing this way will develop your own style- but I won’t be caught without a fast weapon, and a knife when it runs out. Happy leveling up, and let us know what tricks you use to level up quick.

The newest Lambo: Huracan LP 610-4

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Have you seen the newest Lamborghini? The Huracan LP 610-4 isn’t the fastest or the most powerful, but since Lamborghini was pumping out about 2,000 Gallardos a year since 2003, they needed something new. Lamborghini even spoke in a press release “In the year of Automobili Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, the Gallardo success story has now come to an end with car number 14,022. Almost half of all 30,000 Lamborghinis built since the company was first founded in 1963, are Gallardos.”

So the replacement is here, and it’s not just an Audi R8 redbadged. The replacement is pushing 610 HP on all four wheels at 8,250 RPM, with peak torque of 412 lb/ft at 6,500 RPM. Top speed is 202 MPH, 0-60 under 3.2 seconds, and 0-120 is under 9.9. With a dry weight of 3,135 lbs, the Huracan has just over 5 lbs (5.139) to move per horsepower. The outgoing Gallardo LP 550-2 was at 550 HP @ 8,000 RPM, 397 ft/lb @ 6,500 RPM, while weighing in at 3,042 lbs.


This means the old Gallardo was not too far behind, 5.53 pounds per horsepower, and only had two wheels to put that power to. Although the Gallardo was limited to only 199 MPH, the 0-60 was managed in a dreadfully slow 3.9 seconds.


How the Huracan Holds Up Gallardo LP550-2 Huracan LP 610-4
Front Rims 19″ 20″
Rear Rims 19″ 20″
Displacement (Cu.In.) 317.6 317.6
Max Power (HP) 550 610
Max Torque (LB/FT) 397 412
LBs/HP 5.53090909090909 5.13934426229508
Weight (Lbs)
Top Speed (MPH) 199 202
0-62 (Seconds) 3.9 3.2
0-124 (Seconds) 9.9
Dry Weight (Lbs) 3042 3135
Drivetrain MR MAWD
Standard? Available Unavailable
Semi Automatic? Standard Standard


With the Huracan starting at $195,000, and the exiting Gallardo’s available for $165,000, it is a hard call. Would you take the Gallardo and some upgrades, or get the new fit and finish of the Huracan but be beat at the track by a Gallardo with some work?

 Images and data is sourced from

Republic Wireless is stepping it up.

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Republic Wireless is changing their game. Still rocking wifi, still a great prize- but the phones, the tech,  and the prizes are being custom built for us.  I guess that’s a perk to having a company who cares about their customers, huh?

Before we start talking about the all new Moto X rebuilt for us to optimize wifi, or the new tech rolling out with them and Google, lets talk about the new plans. The $19 per month plan is gone if you leave the Defy XT, but when you upgrade, you forever get 10% off. That’s love, right?

There are now four options, and your plan can be changed twice per month.

Option 1 – $5

Wifi only. You have a line, full use of the phone, and unlimited use on wifi. Still getting visual voicemails, SMS, internet, e-mail, phone calls and MMS. What do you pay per month?

Option 2 – $10

Option 1, but now you have unlimited talk and text messaging while on CDMA. Ever here of Sprint? That’s who is covering you. Ever hear of Verizon or Altell? That’s who you use when you’re roaming-No Charge.

Option 3 – $25

Option 2, but for $15 more,  you now get unlimited data on the go, whenever you want. You know, the same plan Verizon offers for $110, or Sprint offers for $69.99.

Option 4 – $40

Do you live in an emerging 4G Market? So you have 4G available? Why not take advantage? Since Republic Wireless has to pay for our 4G use, their is a premium, but as most of us do not live in a good 4G area , it’s something nice for travel to big cities like Miami and New York but a bit of a waste for day to day use (even though it is cheaper than having a prepaid Verizon phone with only talk and text).

So I’ll make this short, sweet, and easy.

-299 (for the 699) Moto X, NO CONTRACT!

-30 day money back guarantee

-$5 – $40 service

Tokkyo Nutrition: An emerging player in the legal supplement market.

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Tokkyo Nutrition has seen my writing and unbiased reviews, and is the first company to send me their products for review with
Originally browsing their site, I found it to be a bit expensive for supplements. Letting them know that I couldn’t whole heartedly review let alone recommend such expensive products, they are offering all AeroStang readers 50% off their orders. They want everyone to know, using the code “Powerhouse” will take off 50% of your total order, and depending on the orders they receive, may contain extras- this was not clear or set in stone, only time will tell.But for the three products they started me out with- Anabolic Stack, BCAA Stack, and Chocolate Protein.

Anabolic Stack

Let’s start out with the price tag, as theirs’ all catch attention. Their price is $89.99, but with the code, it will be just under $45. At $90, I would choose two other products first, but at the $45 range, it completely blows it’s competition out of the water.

How did I use it?

I took two pills in the morning, and two in the evening, and followed the instructions (other than serving size). I did not notice a direct reaction in the first 48 hours. The morning of day 3, I woke up a little easier, and had a bit more energy. I noticed on day 5 it had peaked, but was definitely affecting my direct energy level. In the gym, I found it very easy to get motivated, and get worked up. As an athlete who takes his workouts seriously, I did notice the endurance was hard to adjust to- when I am usually leaving and ready to head home, I found myself going for more sets.

The negative to the Anabolic Stack- it may be too powerful. I took 2/3s the dose, and had great results in keeping lean mass, and was seeing an increase in strength without gaining weight. I do wonder how strong it would be to take the full dose. The other negative is that the pills are not pleasant to take, as they have a bit of an odor. It’s usual for products like this, and a $90 product should not- but for $45, it’s a bargain.

 BCAA Stack

As with the Anabolic Stack, I found the price high before the discount, but even $50 is not outrageous for a good Branch Chain Amino Acid blend. I received the Watermelon flavor, and found it great tasting at first, but it quickly wore on me. I found it a little longer for the particles to breakdown in the water, but I also found this more immediate to feel. I originally was taking this 35 minutes before my workout, but found myself ready to go too early. Now, it goes with my preworkout, or 10 minutes before my workout begins- and of course immediately after. I always advise a meal after a workout, but Tokkyo Nutritions BCAA Stack is fantastic for an immediate post workout, at the >$35 point,let alone at $25.

Chocolate Protein

Delicious. I won’t judge on price/pound, because it greatly varies. True, the 2 lb container is not a bargain at $5/lb (with AeroStang code, “Powerhouse”), but no one who takes exercise seriously would only buy a 2 lb container- it’s not worth the shipping of it.

It mixes great with water, and milk and cereal. I found it especially delicious when mixed with water and peanut butter, into a pudding like mix. I’ll have to post my recipe soon. If you’re smart enough about your athleticism to use legal supplements, then you know the junk at your local Target or grocery store isn’t a real supplement, just for sales. And if you’re at AeroStang, then you care about getting the best of both worlds- a good product at a good price, and skipping the expensive specialty stores.

Have you used any of their products? Let me know your experiences, and your feedback!

Dexter Season 8 Episode 4 – Expect to be disappointed?

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What should we expect?

It’s seen that a vehicle goes flying off of the road, and it’s implicated it is Vogel-but this season has not been the most direct or well executed. The first episode is negligible, for the sake of the story, and getting the year 8 month break recapped, explaining the last 6 months- it had to be done that way. But watching scenes like the drop off of Debra, in episode 3, 12 minutes in, when one can clearly see her boss getting into his car and driving out of the parking lot, followed by him “arriving” to work is insulting to the viewers.

Another note for anyone who is a fan of cars is the situation with Dexters locks. For decades, the most basic cars have had auto locking locks engaging at 10-15 mph-yet at 42:48, as Dexter speeds through traffic weaving left and right, in his 2010 Escape, they stay unlocked. We all know it’s on a trailer, and this is acting, but ShowTime, do you have to remind us?

Have you noticed any other points of disregard for reality?

Republic Wireless- $19/month for unlimited everything. Need I say more?

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I was skeptical at first. $19 per month? Seriously? I could have had three of these for my last phone.

What was the catch? A garbage phone? No anything? No service anywhere? I had questions.

The catch isn’t a catch, it’s an idea that’s been around for years, applied to the mobile phone.

The company eVoice has been around for ages, being the primary source for businesses needing phone and/or fax services, but not wanting to spend a lot of money. They offer a free trial, and people see what they save using the internet to connect rather than a conventional, expensive, telephone line.

Their phones are specifically optimized for Wifi. Off topic, companies from computer to cell phones are using weaker (and cheaper) wifi reception units, because we have an abundance of wifi, and there isn’t a need for the extra strength. Republic makes these more powerful, hence their own phones, and they jump onto wifi whenever they have the chance- it makes a huge difference. Imagine, anywhere with wifi, full service that integrates flawlessly. Living in the country with poor service, and my time in Columbus and Cleveland where service becomes worthless, yet wifi runs rampant, it’s the ideal choice.

Their latest phone is not only optimized for wifi, it’s ruggedized,  uses an optimized version of Android, and at it’s most expensive- it’s 200 dollars.

I should first note, like all companies, Republic offers a lower price. You can pick up the phone for only 79 dollars, and their current deal takes off 50 dollars for a second line.

/Month Months Left Bill Cost Fees Rebates New Phone Final Total w/o Rebates
Sprint (inc. tax) 66.44 24 1594.56 36 0 0 1630.56 1630.56
Republic-200phone(inc. tax) 21.9 24 525.6 -19 200 706.6 725.6
Republic-79phone(inc. tax) 33 24 792 -19 79 852 871
Sprint (2) Lines 150 24 3600 72 0 0 3672 3672
Republic-(2) 200 43.8 24 1051.2 -69 400 1382.2 1451.2
Republic-(2) 79 66 24 1584 -69 158 1673 1742

The device is waterproof, dust proof, and has a Gorilla Glass screen- I store it in my pocket and it rubs past my keys 5-30 times per day, and after extensive use, it is still flawless. Enhancing the experience is the battery life, which is much more efficient than I expected. When I felt how light it was, 105 grams, 136, and 143 grams for the iPhone and HTC EVO 4g LTE, respectively, I was thinking a terrible battery life. 31 grams doesn’t seem like much, but adding 31 grams to this phone is a 30% increase! I started testing the phone with the screen on max brightness, almost hurting the eyes bright-but I found active use from 7 am to 10 pm left me with 70% battery remaining. After extending my use past one day, I found that at 50%, the charge drops fairly quickly. An hour on the phone, push notifications from eBay and Gmails, and active web browsing gives me at least a day and 9 hours before I reach that terminal 5% left. Recharge is ultra quick, but since I rarely charge from a low battery, as I like to start each day with a fresh charge.

The Android version scared me, when I noticed it wasn’t the newest most advanced. But as I used it, it is not the same as it was originally. It is extremely fast, loaded with features the newest Androids don’t have. My personal favorite, is the lock screen- and the ability to turn off the line-so I know what code is, but it doesn’t highlight in bright green to show everyone around me, too.

Full everything.

Unlimited data, calling, whatever you want. Remember, when you are near wifi, you hook on for service, so you don’t use the cellular service. But, when you are driving, or no wifi, you are welcome to use Sprint- which is who Republic uses when there isn’t wifi.

Sprint is used whenever wifi isn’t available, so you always have service.

These were all of my questions, and they were all answered, many better than I expected. Ask any questions at, or comments below. Remember, to get the free one month, you’ll need to use the referral link.

The ease and joy of equations – saving money made easy.

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As we begin our journey of adding up the little cents here and there that will help us get ahead, a great place to start is finding out the true value of something.

When you buy a Subway sandwich, you aren’t just buying one five dollar sub- You are making a choice, and specifically making one deposit into the “Subway account.” To find the true value of your Subway, you’ll need to calculate what you actually spend.

To make up an example, “I go to Subway four times a week.” Each day, it’s five dollars for the sub, no tax, or extras, just five bucks. So for the week, you come to 20 dollars. The month makes it 80 dollars.

Just on a monthly basis, thinking about sitting down to a fresh toasty sandwich, you are spending 80 dollars. Lets think about if it is really worth it.

A loaf of bread let’s say you don’t want a store brand, closer to a dollar, and lets say you don’t have a coupon, lets also say you want a fancy bread- $3 for a loaf. For this example, you only get eight slices, four sandwiches.

Your meat, while they use eight slices per sub, would come to 46 grams of protein- which would be eight slices, or less, depending on what you bought. An average pound of meat ranges from 10-30 slices, depending on thickness.

For what one gets from Subway, the money could buy twice the food. But how do you know the true value?

I have always been a fan of Microsoft Excel, but for simplicity and price efficiency, let’s use Google Drive. You’ll want to “Create” and “Spreadsheet” to get started.

/Month Months Left Bill Cost ETF ETF+Bill New Phone Final Total
Sprint (inc. tax) 66.44 12 797.28 797.28
Republic-200phone(inc. tax) 21.9 12 262.8 240 502.8 200 702.8
Republic-79phone(inc. tax) 33 12 396 240 636 79 715

Here is a real life example that I used, in deciding between sticking with a minimized Sprint account, or switching to Republic Wireless (free one month of service link, here).

I minimized my bill, after taxes, to 66.44/month for Sprint. This is where you will put in first, the options, then the cost. One can see the third tab showing the length of time- this can either show you how long something will pay off, or a remainder of time (be it for two different options, or choice in a cable provider, or other source).

The Bill Cost column uses a simple formula- in the box, one would put “=sum()”

Inside the parentheses, put in your math, for example, here I put “=sum(B2*C2)” in the D2 box. This did the math for me, and simply dragging this box downward replicated the formula for the following accounts.

 So here, I know the price differences for one year of service with Sprint, a 19/month plan, and a 29/month plan with Republic wireless. But now, I need to know, is it worth it to cancel my line and buy a new phone with Republic? I know my Early Termination Fee is 240, so we calculate that in (with the formula “=sum(CELL+CELL)” and then add that cell to the cost of the phone, which varies, and is the reason we use a formula, and not just the math- plus it makes a nice chart to reference.

 As one can see here, paying the 66.44 for Unlimited Everything (except landline calls which has 450 minutes), my total bill for the one year left is 797.28. But, I could switch to Republic Wireless, cancel my Sprint bill, and buy a new phone for almost 95 dollars less. This is before I sell my mobile phone with Sprint, and make that back.

 So the true value of Republic over Sprint was 95 dollars, for me. This does not include the 25 dollar American Express card one gets from Sprint when being referred, which I have included for you on this page, and it does not include the free month of service I can offer for Republic, which is also on this page.